The mission of the museum is to make art accessible to our community. Part of the joy that art brings into our lives is the gradual appreciation of the talent and effort involved in the beauty that artists create. Our classes are intended for everyone regardless of their perceived creative abilities. By joining a class you will be better able to appreciate and take advantage of the art opportunities that surround us.

Our classes have become quite successful sometimes with large numbers of people signing up. We keep the classes small so you should sign up early. If a class isn’t scheduled sign up anyway. You will be contacted when that schedule is made. All classes and materials are offered at a discount to members of Janice Mason Art Museum.

The instructors at the museum are qualified teachers. All of them museum members who enjoy sharing art with others. Most of these instructors are either professionals or school teachers or collage professors. All are quite active in producing art in their field. (And in their basements, spare bedrooms and studios.)

With any class it immediately becomes apparent that regardless of the students’ level of proficiency EVERYONE is there to enjoy the experience and EVERYONE is welcome. There is no reason to be intimidated. The friendly relaxed atmosphere lends itself to developing lasting friendships and each person is charged with an energy that only comes with associating with those who share a common interest.

Class scholarships are available. We don’t want the cost of the class to be a reason not to participate. If you are interested in taking a class with the help of a scholarship, please contact the Museum office at 270-522-9056. If you know of someone who would benefit from a class scholarship please let us know and we will send an invitation to join us.