15 Lessons on 20th Century Contemporary Artists

Each document below is a PDF file. The Vocabulary List and 4 Steps in Art Criticism are two teaching aids that may be valuable in numerous situations.  Each artist is a complete lesson plan.  You may pick and choose to tailor this series for your individual classroom.  Click on any item below and it will open in another window.  Feel free to print and photocopy as many times as you would like.

Because the documents were originally designed to accompany a specific exhibit it will be helpful for teachers to search the web for useful images to complement each lesson plan.

It is highly recommended that teachers read the Welcome Letter first.  It contains helpful information that applies to all the other documents.

Welcome Letter to Teachers


Vocabulary List

4 Steps in Art Criticism

Robert Arneson
George Baselitz
Chuck Close
Richard Estes
Frank Gallo
Jasper Johns
Komar & Melamid
Sol Lewitt
Robert Longo

Joseph Raffael
Robert Rauschenberg
Ed Ruscha
Mary Sleigh

Frank Stella
H. C. Westermann