JMAM 25 Anniversary Geocache

Geocaching is an activity where participants seek hidden containers, called caches, using a variety of methods and clues that may include GPS (global positioning system) or other navigational aids. A typical cache may include a memento or prize, and a logbook where the geocacher or locator enters the date the cache was found.

About the Geocaches
As part of the Janice Mason Art Museum’s 25th anniversary celebration, the museum board decided to hold a Geocache Challenge.  We are proud to be part of the history of Cadiz and wanted to highlight other historical places and events within the Cadiz city limits.  In each watertight box is a laminated and folded card with information about sites near where you are visiting.  The geocaches might not always be located at the precise location discussed on the cards, so explore the area and see what you can find.

For the “JMAM 25th Anniversary Geocache Challenge,” there are 7 geocaches placed throughout the City of Cadiz. If you locate each geocache, and collect a numbered aluminum tree tag from each cache, you can turn them in at the Janice Mason Art Museum for one of 200 (??) Commemorative Coins created for this event.  The challenge began September 18.

Links and Resources: Here’s How You Can Get Started!
There are 7 geocache locations focusing on historical places or events in Cadiz. The caches are are all located within the city limits and on public property.  Download the Geocache app or use the links posted below to each of this year’s individual geocaches. You must be logged in to for these links to work:

The Rail Trail –

Library –

Rock Wall –

Old Cadiz Cemetery – 

History Museum – 

South Road Bridge Trail – 

Tree at  Park –