Teaching Aids



The Janice Mason Art Museum is firmly committed to providing educational opportunities to this region.  We are providing lesson plans that you may use for curriculum.  Feel free to download and use these in any way they can be helpful to your students.  Each plan is divided into 3 age groups.

If you would like to schedule classes to visit the museum we are willing to tailor tours to suit your needs.  We would like to hear from you.  If you have suggestions for educational opportunities please let us know.

You should also be aware of the classes we offer to all ages.  Check the “Classes” web page by clicking here.   These classes are generally scheduled as the waiting list fills up.  Classes are held year round.  There are a limited number of needs based scholarships available.  If you would like to refer a student please contact the museum director.




Click the following links for educational resources.

Art Critique

15 Lessons on 20th Century Contemporary Artists